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Football First Academy  

Football Coaching in Singapore

When does Team training take place?

Various - please contact Coach Bah on 91197534

What will you focus on in the team training sessions?

We will work on technical skills, a winning mentality and fitness.  All done in a motivational and enjoyable environment

What happens if my child is sick? 

Please contact us at your earliest convenience.  f you provide a copy of the Medical Certificate we can then advise you on how this class can be made up at a later date.

What is your coach-to-player ratio?
We aim for maximum 1:20

Can parents take photographs and videos?
Yes.  We encourage photographs to be taken and request fabulous photos be sent to us via facebook or

Do you enter local tournaments?
We will

Do you have first aiders?
Our coaches are trained in first aid and can assist in minor injuries

What is included in the monthly fee?

The fee covers 1 x play per week during the month that you have paid for